I frequently carry out probate, insurance and auction valuations for private and corporate collections as well as entire estates.

After twenty five years working with auction houses as an auctioneer and valuer I have accrued specialist knowledge, not just to do with prints but all areas of fine art and antiques: paintings, posters, sculpture, English silver, furniture, Oriental porcelain, Tunbridgeware (very specialist) and Twentieth Century memorabilia. So I'm pretty good all round, anything I don't immediately recognise I know how to research.


I charge £250 per day + expenses and provide a signed document, with full descriptions, photographs, summary and explanation page. Solicitors prefer to have a signed hard copy, but I am happy to provide a pdf as well. 


As a freelance auctioneer I also charge £250 per day + expenses. My regular spots are with Modern Art Auctions in Scarborough and Grand Auctions in Folkstone. You can see me at work most months at either of those rooms by logging on to



Just thought I'd put a quick plug in for my jazz quintet (alto sax, tenor sax, piano, double bass and me on drums), we play jazz and latin standards for weddings, parties, corporate events, bars, restaurants etc. £250 if you want to book us.