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I have recently acquired "Pupae I, II & III" by Graham Sutherland OM (1903-1980). This is the largest triptych print he made - truly monumental - and it occurs to me it would look extremely impressive as part of a corporate collection in a foyer or a meeting room perhaps. In total, once framed, it will measure nearly 2 metres square. Have a look at it in the Q-Z gallery on this site.

If you happen to be responsible for a corporate collection, or if you just  like it and would like to show it to some people who are, please do email me to arrange a viewing, I'd be delighted. The 'tit-for-tat' bit incidentally, is my idea for a reduction of the price if your workplace were to display a discreet label next to it with words to the effect of 'acquired from Dominic Kemp Modern British Prints'.